Thursday, January 6, 2011

EasyJet's Big Winter Sale Extends All the Way Into Summer

Getting to Europe has always been the pricey part. Once there the area's low-cost carriers and super-cheap backpacker buses have made it cost-effective to jetset between various and sundry European countries. Doing so has been cheaper, in recent years, than taking the train.

A star among those low-cost carriers, one that has prices on a par with those offered by rival Ryanair, but without the punitive (and often bizarre) extra charges, is EasyJet. Now thanks to its 30% off sale, its shining just a bit brighter in the firmament. Thirty percent may not sound like a huge discount, but since the discount covers all flights and every seat on each of those flights, from Feb 2 through July 13 this may be an easier discount than usual to take advantage of. One catch: fares must be booked by midnight (European time) on Jan 11.

Some of the discounts available:
  • Lisbon-Barcelona: 10 euros each way
  • London-Athens: 31 GBP each way
  • Palermo-Rome: 12 euros each way
  • Paris-Tangier: 30 euros each way
There are many more city pairs on sale. To see all the options, head to EasyJet's website.

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