Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Plane! The Plane! Its Still Pricey, But A Tad Less So, Thanks To the Current Southwest Airlines Sale

From white sand beaches to airfare sales. Yes, the topic may be more mundane, but heck, its the flights that get you places.

So today, I present the latest Southwest Airlines promotion, with decent prices to a number of getaways. They look higher, on the surface, than they used to, but that's just because all of the hidden gotchas (taxes and fees) are now front and center. (Bravo to the Department of Transportation for that!)

Among the cut-rate couplings are:
  • Albany-Baltimore or Detroit-Baltimore: $69 each way
  • Albuquerque-Austin: $109 each way
  • Austin-Seattle: $156 each way
  • Birmingham-St. Louis: $69 each way
  • Boise-Portland: $69 each way

And here's the small print made bold: you must book by 11:59 March 15 to get a cut rate fare, and you can only fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between April 3 and June 13 at these rates.

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