Monday, April 23, 2012

Flash Central: A New Website Aggregates Info From Jetsetter, Groupon Getaway and More

I have little patience for flash sale sites.

Sure, they can net good deals...sometimes.

But too often, the offers are for places I don't want to visit; or they feature prices that, even with the discount, are too rich for my budget.

But the new site EveryLodge may well bring me back into the flash sale fold. Neatly designed, it places the deals on a handy dandy map (see above) and allows users to filter them by price, a key improvement. There are additional filters for travel dates and sources. Visitors can even take a peek at upcoming sales if nothing in the "ongoing" sales area piques their interest.

The only downside: to purchase anything through EveryLodge, you'll have to get membership at the  company that's holding the sale. (EveryLodge simply shifts you over to the other sites if you show an interest in a travel product). So that means your email will once again be flooded with all sorts of travel deals you don't necessarily want, in order for you to purchase the one that you do. Well, there's always the option to "unsubscribe" after you purchase.

EveryLodge currently covers the travel deals of Living Social, Jetsetter, Groupon Getaways, SniqueAway, and Vacationist.

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