Friday, May 11, 2012

Freebie Friday: Free Travel...For Prostitutes

I don't know how else to spin the concept behind a new website called Miss Travel, which plays matchmaker between would-be sugar daddies, and hotties with wanderlust (and other types of lust, we'll assume).

Here's how it works. The site divides its users into "Generous" travelers and "Attractive" travelers, and then lets the two groups meet one another. Then, the generous folks will apparently pay for the expenses of the attractive ones and why they're doing so is left to the imagination.


Frankly, I can think of few activities as dangerous for young women as accepting free trips to destinations where they have no connections, in the company of people they don't know.

Still, the site has gotten publicity from just about every major news organization out there, from CNN to the Today Show. I'm adding to the pile-up, I suppose, but I just had to weigh in on the inadvisability of using this "Travel Dating" site.

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  1. I have to admit to writing something about this on my Blog as well. I would absolutely love to talk to someone who has actually used this service, whether it be one of the Generous people or one of the Attractive.