Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Deals? They're Out There, Especially on the Water

There's no guarantee that cruises/rafting tours will sell out, even in high summer season. Here are two excellent deals that recently came across my desk.

-A traditional "gulet" (traditional wooden yacht) cruise along the so-called "Turquoise Coast" of Turkey. The August 6 sailing has been discounted by nearly $20 percent, to just $100/day per person ($800 for the eight-night sailing). For complete information, click here.

-White Water Rafting through the Grand Canyon: Closer to home is this terrific deal from the experts at Arizona River Rafters. For the August 21, 28 and September 10 sessions (each one is 5 nights long), the company will be dropping the price of this adventure by over $750 per person. The new price, for the first two outings, will be a reasonable $1595; the last sailing is $1795. That price includes guided hikes in the canyon, tents, food, the services of expert guides and evening entertainment (usually games). A wonderful opportunity for adventurous families. Click here for full details.

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