Tuesday, November 20, 2012

British Budget Motel Chain Introduces Noise Meters To Ensure Restful Nights

The lollipops bombed.

That was the first strategy British hotel chain Premier Inns tried to keep late night carousers quiet. When these rowdy guests returned to the lobby after a late night at the pubs, they were handed lollys, but apparently that didn't keep them from using their mouths for louder purposes.

So Premier Inn went high tech, installing noise meters in the hallways that cause the lights to flash when guests get too loud.

The executives of Premier Inn told Britain's Daily Mail that the scheme is working. They think it will ultimately be a big money savers for the hotels. Why? The most common reason for refunds are guests being unable to sleep due to noisy neighbors.

The chain has also put double glazing on the windows and springs on the doors so they'll shut more softly.

And with these moves, we travelers have yet another reason not to overpay for hotels. You're in them just to sleep, after all, and if the affordable ones are taking these types of measures to make sure everyone gets their zzz's there's less reason than ever to pay too much just for a bed.

Good on you Premier Inns!

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