Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pay Just $110 Per Night for a Lovely, Manhattan Hotel This Spring (No That's Not a Misprint)

Views of the Hudson river (from some rooms), fluffy duvets, larger-than-normal rooms, a primo location, free wifi, a useable gym and a genuinely friendly staff--these are the elements that make the Belleclaire Hotel in NYC a top pick, even during the periods that it's charging $239-and-up for its rooms.

Yes, it's an older property but in this case that's going to work in travelers' favor. To celebrate the hotels 110th anniversary, it will be charging just $110 a night for its rooms for stays between April 19th and Labor Day.

The catch? You have to get old-fashioned and use the phone. But those who call the hotel at 877-468-3522 between the noon on April 19 and midnight on April 20th, mentioning the "Belleclaire birthday promotion" are in for some lovely, and cheap, sleeps.

My advice: Call early in the afternoon on the 19th. I'm guessing this one's going to sell out.


  1. Called, and was told by Jacqueline that the $110 is only for Sunday, and rest of days would be "$359 uhm, I can check that..." what an awful letdown!! Appears it WAS a misprint!

  2. This "misprint" was also published by the Toronto Star and the Washington Post. I found the $110 rate only applies to Sundays. The hotel denies responsibility, and when asked claims it was a newspaper - and presumably - the blogger - error. I would suggest a followup tracing the source of this information. It would be interesting to see the copy of the press release sent out by the hotel.

  3. Sorry about the error. Cordially, Pauline

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