Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Won't You Join Me on an Exciting Trip to Taiwan This Fall?

I usually travel alone or just with my family. But once a year, on behalf of the radio network my father and I work with, I host  a tour somewhere in the world. Last year it was Paris and the French Riviera, the year before that we went to Sicily and before that I took a group to China.
And you know what? It's usually one of my favorite trips of the year.

That's because the listeners to The Travel Show all have something in common: they're avid travelers. Which makes them fascinating to travel with as a group, because they bring such a breadth and depth of experience to whatever we're seeing. The conversations over dinner are fascinating, and members of the group make life-long friendships. (A group of women who traveled on the Sicily trip call themselves the "Sicily Sisters" and have traveled together since, as well as going out periodically for lunch in New York City.

You'll notice that I very carefully write that I'm hosting these tours. That's because being a tour guide is a very specialized skill (one that I don't possess!), and so along with the group, will also be professional, Taiwanese guides. However, I did visit Taiwan just this past February, so I've had a good amount of say in shaping the trip, picking some of my favorite restaurants there for the group to experience, and shaping the sightseeing. I'm also hoping to bring in special guests to talk with the group, and thus make the experience a more culturally rich one.

In preparation for the trip, I created a series of videos so that people can see a bit what Taiwan is like. I hope to soon have them up on Frommers.com. But in the meantime, you can see them at www.wor710.com/taiwan.

On that page, too, is information on the itinerary (October 4, for 10 days); our host company (the well-respected Pacific Delight Tours); and more. If you'd prefer to chat with someone about the trip, call 800/221-7179. Another website for information is: http://www.pacificdelighttours.com/wor-taiwan

One final way to learn more: come and speak with me personally! I'll be at the Broadway in Bryant Park event in New York City, this Thursday from noon-2pm, talking with folks at the Taiwan booth. So please drop by and say Hi!


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