Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Sequester Travel Casualties

I've discussed before in this blog how the shenanigans in Congress could damage our national parks. (Brief bit of advice: if the sequester happens and you're planning a spring National Park vacation, double check the website to make sure the park you were planning to visit will be open on your dates; many will have to curtail their schedules).

But the damage to tourism could go well beyond our park system. As USAToday is pointing out, air travel could become a hellish mess is cuts are instituted, because of the drastic slashing in personnel that will be required. I'm talking both TSA employees and air traffic controllers. If you thought delays at the airport were bad now, wait until April. Unless the Congress gets its act together (unlikely, they're on recess!) and fixes this mess before the sequesters automatic cuts go through.

If you think, like I do, that budgeting should be done in a sensible fashion, a manner in which services that affect safety--like air traffic control and food safety inspections--should be excused from the discussions, writer your representative today and let them know now is not the time for a vacation. They need to do the people's business and get this sequester off the table.

If they don't, should know who to curse out next time your plane is delayed for 3 hours because of lack of staff.

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