Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Java Jive: Starbucks Will No Longer Charge For WiFi

If you're a sad sack like me, your laptop computer is your most constant travel companion. And the search for a wifi signal, preferably a free one, likely exceeds the amount of time you spend swimming, hitting museums or otherwise enjoying your vacation.

That pathetic state of affairs is going to change on July 1, the date Starbucks frees up its signal. Its service will still be operated by AT&T, but thanks to a partnership with Yahoo (which will donate content to a bells-and- whistles-heavy Starbucks website...and hopefully gain a lot of new users in the process) there no longer will be a charge for WiFi usage.

Having paid on average $4 at Starbucks all over the world to use their WiFi, and up to $13 when I've bitten the bullet and paid outrageous hotel rates to use my laptop from my room, I'm guessing that I, personally, will save about $250 a year thanks to this development.

So hold the tall mocha, I'll have a grande next time, thank you very much! Cheers to you, Starbucks!
(Photo by Steven Wu)

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