Friday, June 25, 2010

Strange But True Aviation News

Model's breast implant explodes on plane!

42 pilots censured for flying drunk!

Lady Gaga pulled aside for additional security screening as the studs on her jumpsuit set off every alarm at Heathrow Airport!

Headlines ripped from the most sensationalistic of supermarket tabloid, right? Actually no. These stories come from the usually staid, well-respected Aviation News. Seems they have a sense of humor over there, and the staff is collecting the most outrageous aviation stories each month into their "Things with Wings" blog.

Many of the posts are unsettling. I, for one, am going to think twice about flying within India now that I know that 42 pilots have been cited less than 6-months into 2010 for flying while intoxicated. In other "Oh no! Pilots are doing that!" news: an Australian Jetstar pilot was caught texting while trying to land his plane (he was doing a lousy job, which is why he got caught).

And you just gotta wonder what the guy who stowed away in the landing gear of a jet flying from Vienna to London was thinking. He survived the trip, but was so badly chilled he couldn't move once the plane landed and therefor was spotted by crew upon arrival and arrested.

 In the "It Was Bound To Happen Sooner or Later" category: a woman was arrested after attacking the child who'd been kicking her seat over the course of a long flight.

You can read other weird but true flight news at the link above. Just don't read any of this on a plane!

(Photo be Save vs. Death/Creative Commons)

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