Tuesday, September 28, 2010

European Rental Cars Discounted For Fall and Early Winter

It's the cherry on top of the cherry when AutoEurope posts a special sale. Why? Because its normal rates are usually the lowest on the market for European car rentals.

Auto Europe keeps its rates reasonable by sending consumers to small, local rental companies rather than the large (and often pricier) multi-national firms. I've personally rented from AutoEurope a number of times and have always been impressed not only by the prices I've gotten, but by the quality of the service and the vehicles. And I know this is starting to sound like a paid endorsement, but please know that I am not in the employ of AutoEurope. I'm just a fan.

I'm also a big fan of GPS devices for travel. When researching guidebooks they've saved me literally days of driving time. Which is why I was so pleased to hear that AutoEurope will be throwing in free, portable Garmin GPS units on rentals for 7 days or more throughout the fall and into the early winter months. I have a Garmin and have used it not only for driving but also walking directions. Its a terrific tool!

AutoEurope is also cutting the costs of rentals in Ireland to as little as $15.99 a day; and cutting prices to other parts of Europe by about 6%. I know the latter doesn't sound all that impressive, but since you don't have to pre-pay on these rentals to get the discount, you can cancel if you find a better rate without penalty.

Luxury models will be cut by 15%, and upgrades thrown in free though I'd ask about the size of the car before I went for either of these "perks". In many cities of Europe, the narrow winding streets of the historic centers are impossible to navigate in large cars and one does better getting something small and cheap. (Gasoline costs are also higher in Europe than in North America).

The promotion ends on September 30, so head to the link above if you're heading to Europe and will need wheels.

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