Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round Up: Travel Discounts and Odd Travel News

Drop That Towel!

Photo by Bev Sykes
A woman in Nigeria who stole two towels from the Hilton is facing jail time, USA Today reports I shudder to think what the punishment would have been had she tried to filch a robe!

Tall Order For Starbucks

The mega-java company's nefarious scheme to over-caffeinate drivers has been squelched. Starbucks has announced that it will no longer limit drive-in customers to just the Grande (16 oz.) and Venti (20 oz) sizes for its beverages. "Tall" coffees had been removed from drive-in signs at the end of August, but the outcry was so great, the drinks will be reinstated today. As someone who often has to drive America's highways, I thank Starbucks for this pro-public safety move.

BritRail: Low Season, Low Prices

Yesterday, RailEurope announced that it would be slashing prices on most Britrail passes a good 20%. The discounted passes will work for travel Nov 1-Feb 28.

Guatemala Super Sale

Travel to Guatemala is always affordable--and very worthwhile (see my column on the topic)--but Gate1Travel is dropping package prices to new lows. Currently, its charging just $399 for airfare from New York City, 3 nights in Guatemala City and one-night in Chichicastangenga, some tours, in-country transportation and fuel surcharges. The low price is available on a number of dates through the fall; add-ons from other gateways are available and reasonable. Go to Gate 1's website (see above) for details. 


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