Friday, November 5, 2010

Freebie Friday: Two Reminders

Enter the US National Parks Without Paying A Dime
Veterans Day is being commemorated in the National Parks in a truly meaningful way. No, not with parades (those will be elsewhere). Instead, all of the country's parks will be waiving entrance fees for the day, not just for veterans but for everyone. Not that the fees are all that onerous (they top out at $30 per carload, with most parks charging far less). But hey, it's the thought that counts.

Veterans Day falls on November 11. To learn more, click on this link.

Free Excursions in Sicily
As I've mentioned here before, I'll be accompanying a tour with the listeners to my radio show this spring. We're heading to Sicily at the height of wildflower season! We have a fab itinerary, one that hits all the island's highlights, but also allows sufficient free time so that member of the group can do some exploring on their own.

Of course, there are optional excursions available during that free time, and here's where today's second freebie comes in. Those who book the tour by November 12 will receive a free excursion! That's an extension of the earlier deadline and quite a nice deal, I think. Hope you'll join me on the tour. It should be quite exciting.

To learn more, go to


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