Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vigilance Pays Off: News from AutoSlash

No, AutoSlash is not the name of the latest Wes Craven film.

Its a newish travel search/booking engine that's been revolutionizing the way travelers rent cars. Its first innovation has been to sweep the web for car rental coupons. It automatically applies these in the matrix its shows would-be customers, allowing them to take advantage of savings they might not otherwise have known about.

But that's just step one. Once the booking has been made, the site then tracks the price of your rental car, alerting the user if the price goes down. I can tell you, from personal experience, that this type of vigilance often pays off. (I once saved about $50 simply by rebooking a four-day car rental at a lower rate that became available closer to the date of my trip). AutoSlash founder Jonathan Weinburg put it this way, when we were last in contact. "As you well know, if consumers are not checking pricing on their rentals daily, they're probably leaving money on the table, as a good percentage of rentals drop in price at some point.  The earlier they book, and the earlier they start tracking the price, the better their chances are of saving money."

AutoSlash's latest move--one that I like very much--has been to add a new tab allowing folks who didn't book their original rental car through AutoSlash to use their notification process should the price go down.

Here's how Weinburg explains the process: "If you click the Track tab, it prompts the user for some some basic information, like their name, email address, rental company and confirmation number.  Once that information is submitted to us, we'll retrieve the details of their rental and begin to track pricing on the rental.  If we find a lower price than what they are currently booked at, we'll notify them via email so they can edit their existing reservation or re-book to take advantage of the lower rate."

Pretty nifty, eh? And totally free. Frankly, I can't see a downside to trying this new service.

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