Thursday, April 7, 2011

Disney Cruise Lines' Expansion Means New Ports and Itineraries

Photo Ops Galore! (Ethan Ableman, photo)
Now you don't have to win the SuperBowl to shout "I'm going to DisneyWorld!". You can hop on a cruise from New York City and have a vacation that ecompasses both the Bahamas and theme-park mecca Orlando. Or skip the theme park altogether in favor of its theme park at sea.

Late yesterday it was announced that as the Disney fleet expands, it will also expand the number of ports it services. New York is being added to the list (which Mayor Michael Bloomberg predicts will bring some 400,000 more visitors to the city), as is Seattle and Galveston (heading to the beleaguered Mayan Riviera--will Disney's magic touch be able to rehab the rep of those ports).

Now, all that's left is to wait and see whether this expansion leads to a drop in pricing. Disney remains the most expensive, mass-market cruising experience afloat and unlike the other lines, it rarely ever discounts.

Still, for those who want to peep out of their fake portholes (on the inner cabins) and watch Tinkerbell flitting around the port; love dining with characters (I'm talking about the costumed ones, not the guy who wins the belly flop competition on Carnival each spring), and want a casino-free ship...well, there's nothing like Disney.

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