Friday, April 29, 2011

Freebie Friday: Kids Sail Free on Norwegian Cruise Lines

So, okay, this one is for cruises that fall squarely in the heart of the, well, fall semester. But if you have a tot who can be pulled out of school without too much damage to her GPA; or if you're a homeschooler, this sale may be right up your alley.

(Photo by Bernd Sieker)

Norwegian Cruiselines is waiving the fare for children 17 and under who share a cabin with their parents (up to two per cabin) on sailings in September, October and November of 2011. Pretty much every area the line serves--Europe, Hawaii, Bermuda, the Caribbean, etc (click here for a complete list)--is on the chopping block.

The only apparent gotcha? Bookings must be made next week, so parents don't have much time to consider whether or not  pulling Junior out of school so they can pursue a suntan is a wise move.

For complete information, head to the Norwegian Cruise Lines website. If you decide to book with an agent (always a good idea, as many will pass on perks such as free upgrades and shipboard credit), be sure to use the code "EASYFARE" to get the freebie.

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