Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boo Hiss! Spirit Airlines Adds Its Most Outrageous Fee Yet

You know you're in trouble when the airline fees start getting metaphysical.

How else to explain Spirit Airlines' new $2 "Department of Transportation Unintended Consequences" fee? The airline is claiming that the DOT's new requirement that airlines allow passengers to cancel a ticket within 24 hours of booking with no penalty will lose them so much money (by forcing them to hold seats for people who may not end up buying them) that they need to charge everyone $2 more to make up for their losses.

Never mind the fact that Delta, and other more consumer-friendly carriers, have been extending this courtesy to travelers for years now, without whining about lost revenue.

"Unintended consequences" fee? I'd call it the "sore losers fee". Shame on you Spirit!


  1. That is just remarkable. First they try to convince their customers that they are getting screwed when in fact the regs are there to protect the consumer. Then they go and heap on a whole pile of you know what on top and smile while they do it. I am a firm believer that the consumer will dictate any companies success, I hope that anyone shopping for airfare, will just pass Spirit Airline right on by. Purchasing a ticket with Spirit is tantamount to praising their tactics.


  2. Spirit is no longer able to hide the fees and taxes in their initial, "sale price".I've noticed they are not really advertising prices like they used to.You'd think they would get the message that people want to know up front what what they are going to pay. Travel Rob

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