Monday, September 10, 2012

Stowe Away: Discounts At One Of the Mountain Town's Top Resorts

Mount Mansfield, the tallest peak in Vermont and a major skiing and hiking destination, was, until just a few years ago, a giant that loomed in the distance for most visitors. Yes, they skiied and trekked its slopes, but very few stayed on the mountain itself. Instead, they lodged near the white steepled church of Stowe, the town; or on the Mountain Road that led to the lifts.

That changed a few years back when the Stowe Mountain Resort underwent a massive expansion, adding hotel rooms, rental units, an indoor/outdoor pool, state-of-the-art gym and spa, restaurants and more.

Ski Slope, Mount Mansfield
What also changed? The amount of business other lodgings in the area got. And that now seems to be leading to some pretty spectacular discounting.

Case in point: the deluxe, really swell Topnotch Resort and Spa. Its holding a pre-season sale which will slash the cost of a nightly rate, in peak ski season, by as much as 40%. That means mid-week rooms could go for as little as $139 (instead of $239); with weekend rates dropping to $209 (instead of $325). This is for travel between Dec 1 and Apr 7 (there are some blackout dates during that period).

The only catch? Travelers must book within the next seven days. Click here for more.

I've been to Topnotch and can say, from personal experience, that the rooms are quite lovely; the amenities are, well, top notch (most especially the terrific spas, tennis courts and great on-site restaurants;  and the staff unusually kind and friendly. If you're thinking of skiing in Vermont this coming winter,  jump on this deal before it expires.


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