Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Website Claims to Cure Jetlag

I like travel expert Peter Greenberg a lot, and think he has some excellent points to make on traveling. But I also think he's a liar. Because I once heard him say he never suffers from Jetlag.

 I hope this isn't too crude, but that's like saying "I never fart".

Jet lag, which is tied into the body's circadian rhythms, is an inevitable problem when one jumps times zones. It's unavoidable.

I know, because I've tried just about everything for it, from herbal remedies, to drowning myself in liquid on the flight over, to timing when and how much I sleep. I'm still a bleary-eyed mess for the first two days of most European and Asian trips.

What I haven't tried, however, but plan to, is the program being offered by the new website Created by a Canadian Researcher, it invites travelers to key in their itineraries and usual sleep patterns and then it shoots back a light exposure plan. I typed in my upcoming trip to Morocco, and received a detailed itinerary of when I should avoid and when I should seek light after I arrive in country.

As I'm typing this from my home city of New York, I can't review how well it works, but I promise to do so after that North African trip.

I also promise never to use the word "fart" in this blog again.

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  1. Interesting - can't wait to hear your results! I like the tips they offer after you submit your itinerary too.