Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Intrepid Travel's 21st anniversary sale is worth a look

Okay, it's a bit gimmicky, but I'm going to bite anyway.

Earlier this summer, small-group adventure tour operator Intrepid Travel cut prices on a number of its tours by 20%.

That was then. Earlier this week, these generous Aussies made the deal just an itsy bitsy, teeny tiny bit sweeter by adding (drumroll!) a 1% discount onto the offer.

Okay, so they're saying that they're discounting 21% in honor of the company's 21st anniversary. I'm guessing they need to fill spaces and are looking for some publicity.

Whatever. Intrepid's prices are so terrific to begin with--many tours start at just $45 per person per day--  any extra discounting means jaw-droppingly low rates for vacations.

To get the complete scoop, head over to Intrepid's website. The discount is for trips departing by the end of September.

(Photo of Sabah, Malaysia by Atikah Akeman)

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