Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A new and effective way to get deep discounts to Broadway shows

I've long been a fan of BroadwayBox.com, the website that shares discount codes for shows in New York City, London, Las Vegas and Orlando (as well as for concert tours). My only quibble with the site has been that often its discounts aren't as deep as those that can be obtained standing at the half-priced ticket booths in the first three cities. I've used BroadwayBox anyway, because having the ability to book tickets in advance (and skip the lines) justifies that uptick in price, at least to my mind.

Well, it looks like I'm going to be able to get the proverbial cake and eat it too, thanks to a new system set up by BroadwayBox. Its called LunchTix.com and it offers daily deals, with the steepest discounts on the market (lower even than the half-priced booths, apparently). 

Here's how it works: users register their names and email addresses with the site. In the morning, they receive a deal alert, one per day, giving them access to discounted seats for one particular show. Each morning, the show is different, as is the number of performances on offer. Today, for example, the discount was for just one performances of the musical Chicago tomorrow, but prices were unbeatable at just $66 per seat (a very, very low price for a hit musical on Broadway). Patrons have until 3pm today (or after lunch, hence the name "lunch tix") to book. Yesterday, the discount was also impressive, knocking a substantial chunk off the cost of tickets to the Tony-Award winning musical Memphis for four performances at the end of the month.

At this stage, LunchTix is only available for shows in New York, but when I spoke with the marketing manager of BroadwayBox.com yesterday, he intimated that the site will be expanding to cover other cities soon. 

I think its a terrific tool, not only for people who live in the Big Apple, but for visitors who want to see shows, but don't want to lose precious vacation time standing online (and sweltering!) in Times Square or at the South Street Seaport.  And I'm looking forward to opening my email tomorrow and seeing what  potential goodies it holds!

(Photo by Matt McGee)

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