Friday, July 16, 2010

Air Sale for the Flexible Traveler from Montreal and Toronto to Istanbul, Athens and Rome

Dontcha wish you were one of those people who could just take off when a good sale fare was announced, even if the window for outbound flights was just four days long? With two kids, and a husband who works in a hospital, I need more flexibility than that.

But for all you real and Canadian jetsetters out there, KLM has a darn good deal for those travelers who can fly out between October 9 and 12. You can fly back anytime in the 12 months following that period (though you must include a Saturday-night stay in your itinerary). Meet those requirements and book by end of day July 19th and you could snag a fare that's a good $300 less than usual.

That fare is $875 round-trip. Period. And it applies to travel from either Montreal and Toronto to either Istanbul, Athens or Rome. For flights from Vancouver or Calgary, add $175 (still a good rate). Those prices include all taxes and fees.

The sale first appeared on Twitter several hours back. I have no idea how many seats are available at this rate, but I'd book it sooner rather than later as those Tweeters can be fast-moving and you don't want to turn your life upside down trying to get time off on those dates, only to find the seats are gone.

KLM also has a decent, less restricted sale going on to such destinations as Cyprus, Switzerland, Egypt, France, the UK and South Africa, so keep an eye peeled for those as well (but be sure to compare prices with other carriers before you purchase). Its round the world passes also may be worth a look, and are currently on 30% sale. Before you go for one of those, however, compare prices to those you'll find through such around the world specialists as

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