Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick! Activities for free around the USA, but you have to sign up today

Sorry to be getting this item out so late (just found it). But a new website called Zozi is entering the market with a splash--a $50,000 splash actually. That's what its spending in freebies to give away on its site today.

Zozi wants to be the "Groupon" of travel activities. Here's how it works: folks sign up for email alerts which tell them of a coupon being offered for some type of activity. If enough people sign up for the coupon, it gets sold. Prices on these coupons tend to be steeply discounted. (I once got a NYC tour on Groupon for $22; the regular rate was $45). The activities can range from inner-tubing trips to horse-back riding to tours to sailing lessons. It will vary greatly by the area you're searching.

Head to Zozi right now to get in on the freebies! It seems that new ones are going up every half-hour or so!

(Photo by Marada)

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