Monday, March 7, 2011

Airfares Up, Security Wait Times Longer: Welcome to 2011

(photo by Christian Ghe)
In what's becoming an ugly bi-weekly tradition in 2011, at the end of last week the major airlines raised their rates again. That makes it six times this year so far.

According to the Associated Press, American Airlines seems to have started the hike, with an increase of $10 on all its routes in the contiguous United States. It was quickly followed by United, Continental and US Airways. Delta went even further, upping its prices by $10 to $20 per round-trip, varying by the length of the flight.

As I write this, Southwest, JetBlue and AirTran have yet to follow suit. (Stay strong guys, we've got your backs...sorta).

And in the more bad news department, US Homeland Security chief Janet Napoletano is warning that if the Republican budget cuts are adopted, waits at airport security checkpoints could lengthen substantially. In earlier budgets, the number of TSA officers was supposed to increase. That won't happen under the budget currently being discussed.

How can consumers use this news? By shifting their timing. If you're planning to fly later in the year buy now; and add a bit of extra time for getting through the crowds at the airport.

Sorry to start the week on such a sour note. It's a pretty photo, though (dontcha think?).

Update: Southwest joined the party, adding its own $10 uptick in pricing today.

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