Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poetry in Hotel Search

(Photo by Jed Scattergood)
Looks like I got it wrong last week when I wrote that two quirky, new hotel sites had debuted. Actually three had. The one I missed is the most eccentric of the pack.

Its called Hotel Haiku, and yes, just three, pearl-like lines of text are used to describe each hotel. These are supplemented by one photo of the hotel and, for those prose-preferrers, a link to the hotel's website (where presumably users can learn actual details of the hotel's amenities, location, price and more). Brevity rules.

I would quote you one or two of the poems--heck, it wouldn't take long--but as I write this, the site is closed to visitors. That's right, it closes at night and on Sundays. In speaking with the website Tnooz, the founder Gerri Rayner explained the hours as being an "attempt to annoy and scupper the content scrapers, copyists and AirBNB." Well, okay then.

Thanks to Tnooz for posting word of this idiosyncratic site.

May it find hotels/
That will appeal to the crowds/
Who sleep on journeys

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