Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ready, Set, Buy: A Fab Sale on Hotel Rooms in the British Isles and Spain

Travelodge Room (photo by Karen Bryan)
Ten euros or ten GBP is a terrific price to pay for a room that can house up to four people in the UK, Ireland and Spain, even if there are hoops to jump through. So let me tell you about the hoop-holder.

Once again, its mega-chain 
Travelodge which has made a name for itself by creating cheery and affordable motels in many corners of the British Isles and Spain. Some are set off highways, others in the center of cities and right next to major tourist attractions. All are decorated with the same Ikea-esque furniture, bright and utilitarian, with couches that can slide out to comfortably accommodate 2 extra people in most rooms for no extra charge.

The sale starts tomorrow at 6am GST and will only last until all the inventory that's been set aside is gone. Rooms are available from March 6 all the way through mid-October. And I can tell you from personal experience that the sale is a genuine one. Several years ago, my family and I visited several Travelodge's in Scotland, in August, paying just 10 GBP for the privilege.

So set your alarm clock and best of luck!


  1. Hi Pauline, how much do the motel room usually go for? I am located in the US and since my timeshares from bluegreen corporation are useful in Spain i would really like to get some info.

  2. Travelodge's prices will usually start at triple the sale price of 10 pounds and go up from there. It really depends on which destination you're booking. Edinburgh expect to pay at least 70 GBP per night, London more, other destinations less. The same range applies for hotels in Spain