Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get a Frommers Guide for 50% Off Today!

I don't need to be immodest, do I, in touting the extraordinarily high quality and usefullness of the Frommer guidebook series? Suffice it to say that they're always worth their purchase price, and today's 50% off discount puts them into the "steal" category.

Actually, the Frommers discount is just one of a couple of goodies that Good Morning America is gifting travelers with today. Click here for discount codes on the books and also on top quality folding bikes, tents, Jamaican resorts, digital cameras and even a Barnes and Noble nook.

These discounts are only valid today, so get moving!


  1. Geesh. Hope this post as I had to reset my Google password and lost the last post attempt.

    Anyhow -that's a good deal - as our local Bordersa in San Diego is going out of biz, but so far only offering 10% off Travel books.

    I have my eye on a 2011 Zagat (NYC restaurants) to supplement my 1998 - and they only have one in the shelf - so hope it's still there when they drop the price. :)

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  3. It's a shame those discounts aren't able yet. I had not idea of this and till now I found this advice... a quite later uhmmm