Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Travel Deals

The countdown has begun!

No, not to Thanksgiving. I'm talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, as in years past, these dates should offer as many travel deals as two-for-the-price-of-one Pashmina shawls sales. So get ready to surf the web, and shine up those credit cards.

Here are the deals I've spotted so far:
  • Gate 1 Travel What I like about this one is that Gate 1's air-hotel packages are always good values, whether they be to Asia, Europe or Latin America. With this deal, folks who book on November 25 will get additional money back, depending on how much they spend. Spend $500 or more and receive $50 off with the promo code BLKFR50; spend $1000 or more for $100 off (promor code BLKFR100); at $2000 the giveback is $250 (BLKFR250); and those who pony up $4000 or more get $500 off (BLKFR500). More details at the Gate 1 site (link above). And unlike last year's sale, these deals will also apply to cruise purchases.
  • Viceroy Hotels: This deals a bit more complicated. Would be travelers will have to "like" the hotel chain first on Facebook. Then on Nov 27 and 28, "friends" of the hotel group will receive discount codes good for half off the best rate or more. (They're advertising that discounted rooms could go for as little as $75 a night; darn good for rooms that normally sell in the $200's. Viceroy has hotels all over the world from Turkey to the Caribbean to California and Florida. 
  • Yuupon: A group-buying discount site, but with a twist: if you realize you won't be able to use your travel purchase, you can get your money back! Its putting out that its Black Friday sale will include savings of up to 90% on Las Vegas shows, air tickets and gas cards and $17 hotel rooms. Click here to read my father's complete blog on the sale.
  • Kula Hulanda Resorts, Curacao: Want to look tan in the Xmas photos? Head first to the Caribbean then. This resort is offering a third-night free deal (basically a 33% discount) for stays through mid-December (alas, the Christmas holidays are blacked out on this offer). Request the "Black Friday Special".
  • St Kitts Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino: Another "fun in the sun" offer, this one available through December 21. Book 7 nights and get the 5th, 6th and 7th free, an upgrade and free breakfasts for up to two adults and two children. The promo code is ZJL.
Consider these few sales just an amuse bouche. I'll serve up some more "Black and Cyber" travel savings next week! Stay tuned.


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