Thursday, November 3, 2011

A New Budget Airline Debuts in Asia

This is a blog as birth announcement.

I am thrilled to announce that a bouncing baby airline has just entered the world. Proud single parent Singapore Airlines has named the tot Scoot. Like all doting Moms, Singapore Airlines hopes her kid will be loved. To ensure that, Scoot's going to be a budget carrier, reportedly lopping 40% off the usual prices for its initial flights to China and Australia. Scoot will start flying when she becomes a toddler, some time in mid-2012.

The move is a startling one from an airline known for its luxury amenities. Sinapore Air has been named, in survey after survey, as one of the best airlines in the world, prized for its high quality service (particularly in First and Business Class). Let's hope this Singapore off-shoot is able to keep its standards high and its prices low.

By the way, Scoot will have some buddies to pal around with: four upstart, budget airlines are being planned for launch in Asia in 2012.

Cigars for everyone!


  1. oh cool... that's for the info. So we will enjoy cheaper options of flying from next year. Thanks for the info and I love your articles.

  2. Pauline-I think your right about the Asia market.Thats where the growth is for the budgets Airlines.I know Air Asia has been adding flights to Japan ,etc too. Travel Rob

  3. Singapore airline doing good job one thing it have to do just start cheap flights for all destination if possible.