Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flying Down to Rio? LAN Has a Sale You'll Want to Catch

Ipanema (Mike Vondran photo)
Thanks to the tweeps at LAN Airlines for sending me a direct message (through Twitter) alerting me to their latest sale. Its being called--without hyperbole, I'll add-- "The Big Deal of the Year" and the prices are truly spectacular. Feast your eyes on  $149 round-trip between Miami and Punta Cana!

Since we're living in an upside down world, the taxes on that ticket are nearly as high as the fare itself ($139), but even with that additional expense, $288 for a round-trip to the Dominican Republic is a darn good offer.

LAN is also advertising round-trips between the US and Colombia, Venezuela or Ecuador for just $299 (again, pre-tax); and $699, before taxes, for Argentina, Brazil or Chile.

You can't travel right away with this sale (the prices are for flights beginning March 1) but you must book before Dec 12 to get in on the deals.

For complete information, click here.

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