Friday, June 8, 2012

Freebie Friday: A Free Ride In From the Airport

If you're lucky enough to be flying into Boston's Logan Airport, that is.

Seems the "Big Dig" didn't do quite enough to alleviate congestion on the roads in Beantown. So city officials have come up with an innovative solution: free bus rides from the airport into downtown. The three-month pilot project began two days ago.

Traffic into the airport, and parking once there, have been festering problems at Logan for quite some time. Currently, it costs a whopping $27 per day to park at the airport, a price officials hoped would discourage people from driving their own cars to Logan before flights. (The airport is forbidden from building more garages by environmental regulations).

If this three-month pilot program works, the freebie will be extended indefinitely. Let's hope city officials can get the word out so more folks can enjoy this green and generous solution to Boston's problems.

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