Monday, June 11, 2012

A Sneaky Way to Save on Disney World Admissions

I have to thank reader Travel Rob for this helpful tip.

According to Rob, one can get significantly reduced daily admissions to Disney World by buying them through Disney's convention and meeting site. It offers tickets to people attending meeting and conventions in Central Florida. The tickets are usually only good for entry after 2pm or 4pm, but since the parks are open until midnight, this might not be too bad a trade-off. Who turns down an excuse for sleeping late on vacation?

Don't worry about being found out if you're not in Florida on business. Rob says the staff at Disney did not ask what convention or meeting he was attending when he last contacted them to purchase tickets. If you're nervous you might be asked, simply do a bit of advance research about what public meetings will be taking place while you're in the area.

The tickets are open not just to the meeting attendees, but their visiting families and friends, as well.

It seems like Disneyland offers the same type of promotion, but I have no intel on whether or not the tickets in Anaheim are more closely guarded; or linked with conventions only held at Disneyland resorts. Its difficult to tell for the site. Anybody have a guess?

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