Friday, March 1, 2013

XL Airlines Adds Miami to Paris Direct Flights

I've blogged here before about the little-known XL Airline, a carrier that doesn't seem to care much about its North American clientele. How else to explain that it really only advertises in Europe, and doesn't appear on any of the major online travel agency sites such as Expedia or Travelocity.

But its snub can mean great rates, especially on its newer routes. Thanks to Travel Rob, who told me about the $664 round-trips the carrier is selling for travel this summer between Miami and Paris. Probably the best way to snag one is to be flexible with your dates, and use an engine like or, two of the few English-language sites that list this carrier.

A friend flew to France on XL last summer and reported back that though the booking process wasn't easy (I believe she had to try several dates before she found one with a good price for her family of four), the flight itself was absolutely fine. Needless to say she was thrilled with the savings.


  1. I even saw this yesterday for $585rt total on CheapoAir.Hopefully it will paste right.
    Best Travel Rob

    $458.00 + $127.00 (taxes) = $585.00Final Total Price (incl. fees) (Bonus applied)
    Best Price Guarantee!
    Take off $10 Instantly - click here ¹
    Booking Bonus:

    XL Airways France
    Flight 41 333
    more New York Kennedy (JFK)
    Paris (CDG) 11:55pm - 16May, Thu
    12:55pm - 17May, Fri Nonstop
    7hr 0min
    This is an alternate date, please verify the date.
    Flight Duration : 7hr 00min Total Trip Time: 7hr 00min
    Select this Departure

    XL Airways France
    Flight 40 333
    more Paris (CDG)
    New York Kennedy (JFK) 07:30pm - 30May, Thu
    09:45pm - 30May, Thu Nonstop
    8hr 15min
    Flight Duration : 8hr 15min Total Trip Time: 8hr 15min
    Select this Retur

  2. I was researching, trying to find out more about the airline. They are selling on maybe this is new, but the rates are great for a non-stop flight.

  3. Many will be delightful for this Direct Flights! Do you want to take East-Tour - experiences of a lifetime.
    Soviet union

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