Monday, July 18, 2011

Do a Good Deed: Help a Child in Need Get Out In the Fresh Air This Summer

(Photo by Tetsumo)
 Columnist Eileen Ogintz has posted an important blog today about a short-fall of host families this summer for children in the Fresh Air Fund. It seems that that worthy organization still has 700 children to place, and nowhere to send them this summer. They blame the lack of host families on the ongoing recession, but make the point that hosting does not cost anything, beyond a small outlay for extra food for your guest.

Anyone with a backyard can host a child (after going through the appropriate screening process, of course). And most who do host find it to be a life-enhancing, wonderful experience.

Again: it's NOT too late to volunteer.

For more information, either read Ogintz' blog or go directly to the Fresh Air Fund's website.

The Fresh Air Fund has been successfully getting children out of the cities for vacations since 1877. It would be a tragedy if they weren't successful in that mission this year.

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  1. I love to help people actually kids they are angels of the world very nice post!