Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vacations Skipped, New Survey Says

We want more vacation, but we're not taking it.

That's the depressing findings from a new survey released today by Radisson Hotels. Some 1000 Americans were polled, 48% of whom admitted leaving half or all of their vacation days on the table. (That's out of an average of 18 days per year). Fear of overload upon return to work was cited as a major reason.

But despite these findings Americans still want more vacation time. Nearly a quarter of the respondents said they'd trade 5% of their salaries for more time to kick back.

USA Today has good coverage of all the results of the study. To see their piece, click here.

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  1. I have not had a decent vacation for a few years either but for different reasons. To miss a vacation because you feel guilty about leaving work or having too much work when you return is insane. A person's boss should want them to go, to enjoy, and to come back refreshed, what is wrong? I have only been able to take short, 3 day vacations, partially because of money and partially because I was working in a tourist area myself and accepted the job knowing that summers off was not going to happen - and we have livestock so going away in winter is hard for other reasons.
    Anyhow this year we are for sure taking a vacation, people NEED to travel for mental reasons I think.
    Great blog, well done.