Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Introduction to Foodie Rome

As I write this, much of Rome is staring up into the sky, waiting for a smoke signal from the announcing the next Pope. But one of the elements that's always made Rome so extraordinary is closer to ground level. I'm talking of the city's extraordinary food scene--restaurants, bars and food shops.

Happily, all of those are covered in an expert-driven new blog called The Rome Digest. Set up by a group of food-tour leaders and culinary authors--they have 7 wine diplomas and 6 masters degrees among them--the site introduces the visitor to the very best eats Rome has to offer. These can range from budget places (pizza, quick lunches, gelato) to fine dining to stores where one can procure pastries, wines, chocolate and even cooking tools. The last section of the website is devoted to the erudite food tours of the website's founders.

Click on the link above and start salivating!


  1. "waiting for a smoke signal from the Mohicans--er, I mean the Vatican-" Very disrespectful...not necessary to make your blog interesting.

  2. DD: I wasn't trying to be disrespectful, just making a silly joke about two cultures that use smoke in their communications. But since I have no desire to offend on such an innocuous point, I'll change it. Apologies.