Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel Bloopers in Print: A Very Funny New Travel Book

A sad truth in travel: sometimes we think we're stepping aboard the most glamorous cruiseship afloat...and end up on the Titanic. That's the theme of the laugh-out-loud funny new book "The Titanic Awards: Celebrating the Worst in Travel". It examines all of the awful things that can go wrong when one hits the road. Though they couldn't have been fun for the travelers living through them, these experiences make for a great read. 

Author Doug Lansky also quotes well-known travel authorities, including yours truly, about weird and wacky misadventures they've had on the road. (I tell about my most frightening combination parenting/travel accident, as well as dish about the worst airline I ever flew. I'll give you a hint on the latter: the seats were held together with duct tape and cockroaches scurried through the aisles). 

For a quick preview of the book, and my personal list of "worsts", you can look at Lansky's highly interactive website 

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