Monday, December 27, 2010

The Blizzard Ate My Blog (Some Advice from Others On What to Do If You're Supposed to Be Traveling Or Home Right Now)

Its a snow day here in the northeast!

Good news for anyone already at home, hoping to extend their holiday weekend. Terrible news for pretty much everyone else.

Not only is air travel canceled, so are most train and bus itineraries in this neck of the woods. The effects of all these cancellations are rippling across the planet, as planes that were supposed to be in London or Las Vegas by now, sit stranded under a blanket of snow on a JFK or Logan runway. And in NYC the subways are either heavily delayed (apparently 400 people were stuck on the A train for several hours last night) or suspended for the time.

Since I'm stuck at home with antsy children, I'll direct you, dear reader, to some other sources who are covering the storm and its ramifications for travel.

Chris Gray Faust gives some sound advice on her blog about what air travelers should be doing right now.

The Wall Street Journal offers a thorough round-up on air travel and rail cancellations.

Good luck to all those in transit!

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