Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Takes You Where You're Going For Less

Such a brilliant yet simple idea: a website that allows users to hook up with other folks going in the same general direction, so both can save on cab fares. That's the concept behind, and I'll note that its not only good for riders, but good for the environment.

Users head to the site and see if anyone in their vicinity is looking for a share at about the same time they are. If no-one is, they post a departure point (where the cab will pick them up), a time of departure and a destination. The site supplies the user with estimated costs for the trip and suggestions of when to post requests (earlier works better than last minute). It also ticks down to the time of departure, so that the rider isn't late to meet his or her cabmate.

(Photo by Josie Showaa)
For those nervous about the safety of riding with strangers, the site lists extensive tips including picking departure and drop-off points in well-populated areas; keeping personal information private during the ride; and how to best work out payment, tips and the like.

For those having trouble deciding which area to pick for a departure point, I'd suggest another website/app called which uses historical data on taxi routes to alert users to the best places to hail taxis.

I haven't yet heard from anyone who's used the service (apparently its available in cab-rich cities across the US), but I'm hoping to do so in the near future. I'll post my experience when I do.

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