Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hotel Room of the Future

Someday in the not too distant future guests checking into hotels will sleep a lot better. The sheets, shot through with electronic sensors, will read the sleep cycle of the client, and adjust the temperature accordingly to ensure the traveler gets a deeper nights' sleep. The pillow will massage his neck and shoulders as he drifts off. And the ambient noises in the room will be those he hears at home, another soothing touch.

These are just a few of the ways that futurist Ian Pearson thinks hotels will differ in the year 2030. Hired by European hotel chain Travelodge, Pearson spent the last six months working on a report about hotels of the future. Some of his guesses, like those concerning virtual sex, have been making headlines in the UK. Others seem less fantastic, like the idea that guests will be able to post photos of their loved ones around the room with the click of a button, switching on the virtual reality capabilities of the walls and furnishings.

I recently spoke with Pearson for our radio show, and he told me that his full paper was available on his website Alas, I can't find it there, but has a good chart with his predictions. It's a fun, and intriguing read.


  1. The insight is very interesting and disturbing. The ability to change the look of your partner is not such a good idea. But the real question is, will I still have to deposit a quarter to get the massaging bed?

  2. Wow… very innovative thinking. It’s like heaven.

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