Friday, June 3, 2011

A Trip to Asia (part 3)

I finally dragged myself out of the mall, and in the company of my new friend Carolyn Ali, an editor here in Vancouver, we went out to Dinesty, a Taiwanese restaurant. The picture on the right is of the chefs making dumplings in the open kitchen. I wish I had photos of the food.

Carolyn, who's been to Taiwan, ordered, explaining that the cuisine in Taiwan was usually a bit sweeter than on the mainland. Meals often consist of a lot of small dishes (a la dim sum); and chili oil is used quite heavily. Because so many people from different parts of China moved to Taiwan once Mao took over, the cuisine encompasses many regional specialties, so we had soup dumplings (as one does in Shanghai), a bowl of fish stew with a slick of homemade chili oil on the top, cucumbers in a chilied garlic sauce (my favorite) and shredded pork with pancakes and green onions. Overall, quite delish and for the amount of food we got (really enough to feed 5 people; Carolyn took the leftovers home) very reasonable at just $35.

Its not difficult to get to Richmond. Simply take the Canada line, paying for two zones ($3.50). There are many stations in downtown Vancouver that connect with this line. I think you'll enjoy the field trip!

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  1. Any country in Asia won't be complete without trying their noodles.