Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Trip to Asia (Continued)

Above: a wonderfully overstuffed tea shop at the Aberdeen Center Mall, just across the street from the supermarket.
Here's a wide-shot of the mall itself, a place at once elegant and delightfully ticky tacky.

Best items on sale at the mall? These awesomely bling bling I-Phone cases (aren't they fab?). Dolling up your I-Phone seems to be an extremely popular past-time in Richmond. There were options for beautifying your phone in every fourth shop.

Second best items on sale: these nifty collars, helpful for dressing up any t-shirt (as the photos in the case show).

The I-Phone cases  and collars were for sale at this store called Qube, where different entrepreneurs rent small cubby spaces, filling them with a wonderfully oddball array of articles for sale.

Along with the objects shown were western doctor's offices right next to acupuncture/herbal medicine outlets (one stop shopping; if the pills don't work, try the needles and teas, I suppose); Japanese homeware stores with dozens of useful items...that no-one's every heard of outside Japan; restaurants from a number of regions of China; clothing stores; toy stores right next to mini-amuseument parks; pharmacies; and much more. You could live for years in this mall and never get cold, hungry, bored or out of fashion. It really is a wonder.


  1. I wonder if you have pictures of the toy store there sweetheart.

  2. Traveling to Asia sure has a lot of fun filled activities.