Friday, October 14, 2011

Freebie Friday: Free B&B Stays for Veterans

Photo by Loren Javier
Are ex-Navy Seals partial to blueberry pancakes and doilies? Let's hope so because they, and all other veterans of the armed forces here in the US and Canada, are being offered free stays by B&Bs across North America (with the exception of Mexico). Appropriately enough, the freebies are for the night before Veterans Day (November 10).

This is the third year that the program will run. Approximately 900 B&B's in the US will be participating, along with 100 in Canada. To find out which Inns and B&Bs are opening their doors in this fashion, click here

Veterans interested in a free stay are asked to contact the B&B that interests them directly to book a room. They must show proof of service upon arrival.

Happy Veterans Day all!

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  1. Happy Veterans Day all!!!

    Great stuff...Nice to hear that Free B&B stay provide to all Veterans.