Monday, October 24, 2011

G Adventures Expands Into Its Own Backyard

Seems like its recent name change from Toronto-based GAP Adventures to simply "G Adventures" hasn't slowed down the folks at that trailblazing company. They've decided to rectify a situation that has puzzled many of their fans over the years: their lack of North American touring options.

Death Valley (Photo by John Bruckman)

That changed this week when G unveiled its addition of some 56 tours in North America (11 in Canada, the rest in the US). There will be excursions for those who like to rough it and pay less (Overland Road Trips, on which participants camp out); nature-oriented tours with a big adventure component to them (Active Escapes), and more usual, hotel-based itineraries (Classic Escapes). On all three, the groups will be small, with just 8 to 13 people each, and as with their tours in Asia, Africa and Europe, G Adventures expects to host an international clientelle.

So what are the prices like? They seem to be, thankfully, in line with the affordable trips G Adventures sponsors in other parts of the globe. As an example, an 8-day trip through the American West (Yosemite, the California Coast, Las Vegas, Death Valley, etc.) clocks in at just $949. A lollapalooza of a road trip from New Orleans to San Francisco is $1949 for 16 days.

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