Tuesday, December 18, 2012

$10 Lift Tickets Across New York State, Plus Freebies for Fourth Graders

Do you think your boss will notice if you don't show up for work on January 10? That's the key question because, for folks near New York's ski resorts, it's going to be the cheapest day this year to ski. From now through January 9, some 10,000 $10 lift tickets are being distributed by ISkiNY. That includes lift tickets at the swell Lake Placid resorts, of Olympics fame, where a day's lift ticket usually starts at $84.

Skiing is even cheaper--in fact, it's free--if you're lucky enough to be in fourth grade. New York State, in the hope of turning on more kids to the joys of downhilling, are waiving lift tickets for anyone who can prove he or she is in that grade. 

For complete info on both promos, click on the link above. And be sure to wear sunblock, so you don't arrive back at work after your "sick day" with a skiers burn on your nostrils! 

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