Friday, May 25, 2012

Freebie Friday: Free Hostel and Hotel Nights for the Younger Crowd

STA, the famed student travel agency, has always been an excellent source for deals. But they've taken the savings up a notch with their current free nights program. Available at hostels and hotels around the globe, the program awards those who linger with a free nights' stay. The amount of time one has to remain on property varies widely. At one Thai hotel, the traveler has to stay a full two-weeks to get the freebies. But in most cases, a free night kicks in after three stayed.

The deals are available across STA's price categories (which it divvies up into "simple", "smart" and "stylish" choices) and across the globe (Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Down Under). To learn more, click here.

In a few cases, hotels must be booked before May 31, so head to STA's site soon if you're interested.

And, as always, do compare the price of a stay with the free night with those being offerred by other hotels that are simply charging good rates. "Free" doesn't always mean "deal", so do your due diligence before booking.

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