Monday, May 21, 2012

Night Lights: Why You'll Want to Visit Iceland This Winter

The planets are aligning in such a way, scientists say, that 2012's Northern Lights will be the brightest and most spectacular since 1958. And where better to see them than Iceland, which is smack dab in the heart of the so-called "Auroreal Zone"?

The discounts are also getting better and brighter, thanks to a current promo from Icelandair which drops the cost of a complete vacation to a level that usually only covers transatlantic airfare.

Beginning November 1 (just around the time the aurora borealis starts) and going through December 17, it will be possible to fly from a number of North American gateways to Reykjavic and stay in two different cities for four nights total for just $899. The package, called "Experience the Arctic North", includes round-trip domestic flights from Reykjavic to Akureyri (the country's second largest city), inter-city bus tickets, breakfasts, spa entries  welcome drinks and a Northern Lights Tour. Gateways on this promotion are New York, Washington, DC, Boston, Seattle, Denver and Toronto.

Wild horses in Iceland
Can't travel then? Other options include:

USA-Iceland Oct 1-31: $937USA-Iceland Jan 6-April 26: $909

Beyond the lights, Reyjavik is known for having some of the most hedonistic nightlife on the planet. There and in Akureyri, its possible to soak away one's cares year-round in geothermal pools (the spa facilities here are top notch). Winter visitors also ski (both downhill and cross-country), go out on horse treks, ice skate, snowmobile and explore the culture and history of this unique nation.

Heck, it beats heading to the in-laws for a long weekend, right? For complete details, click here

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