Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rail Deals for France and the UK

Just three weeks ago, I was zipping from Aix en Provence to Paris on a high-speed train. My seat was surprisingly comfortable, the train spotless, my fellow passengers delightful to watch (well-dressed and well-behaved, even the children) and the countryside abloom with flowers and newly budding crops. It put Amtrak trips to shame (sigh).

SNCF First Class Seats
But that's how it is in most areas of Europe, a region of the world that values having alternatives to congested highways and is willing to subsidize trains sufficiently to raise the quality of life (and travel) for all.

See for yourself. Experience both the French and the British rail systems for less in the coming months, thanks to a sale by Rail Europe. The promotion is not available to Europeans, but North Americans will be able to shave 20% off the cost of adult rail passes (both first and second class). In some cases that will take nearly $100 off the cost of a five-day pass. Purchase no later than June 14 for this deal.

To learn more, click on the link above.

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