Thursday, June 28, 2012

Save $1000 Per Couple On River Cruise Sailings In the Coming Months (Solo Discounts, Too)

"Float it and they will come."

No, that isn't the motto for the cruise industry, but it should be. More popular than the Kardashians, more numerous than ants at a picnic, cruise ships seem to be taking over the world of vacationing.
Every other month, it seems, a new one debuts. And they're no longer just the choice of American travelers. Board any of the major lines nowadays, and you'll find holidaymakers from around the globe onboard.

That being said, not all fill up consistently. The wallflowers at the party these days seem to be those plying the waters in and around Europe. High airfares from North America across the pond is a real buzz kill for vacationers it seems, and the cruise lines are having to institute deep discounts to pump up business.

I've written in the past about discounts on Mediterranean cruises. Now, it seems, Avalon River Cruises is blue about the Danube. For 11 sailings in summer and October, it'll take $1000 off per couple. Solo travelers are also getting a bone: for those same sailings, the single's supplement will be waived.

But its not just the Danube getting the discount treatment. Avalon has also put Black Sea, Rhine and Rhone sailings on sale (again, by slashing $1000 per couple). For a complete list of the offers, click here.

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  1. I love to be there to experience the excitement that the cruise may bring. I love the idea.